Reality TV Show Reviews Blog Launches Showcasing Reality Television

New Reality TV Blog Showcases Reviews of
Reality TV Shows and The Characters Inside Them

Okay so to get started let me just say that as my “pen name”
of Ken Rogers I am one of the most honest and forthright
reality tv critic and reviewers online. My own crazy life
at “The Celebrity Beach House”
is crazy to say the least and since I have the tendancy to go in
all directions when talking “reality TV”, I figured it was time
for my own “reality tv shows review blog” so I did not keep
cluttering up other sites I have with useless chatter.

So here goes my new reality tv show blog – fortunately
I have liked some of the new shows I am watching so I am
in a good mood and not cussing out studio heads.

I try to be as honest as possible but I do swear sometimes
so if that offends you I am sorry. Also for any people I chop
this shit out of on this blog – it’s not personal – I am sure if
we hung out and took a toke or two we would be “bff”s” –
It is the studio or production company’s for making you look
like complete idots or putting on a show that is good for 2 episodes
and then over for the next 6 –

Anyway welcome to my reality tv show review blog – now it’s time
to “review something!

Sean aka “Ken Rogers”
“Reality TV Writer, Reviewer, Crtitic and Whiner”

About Reality TV Reviews by "Ken Rogers"

Reality TV show reviews showcases "reality tv" and gives the good, the bad and the "ugly" of reality television including reality series, new reality tv productions, reality tv stars, ideas and concepts.
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