Reality TV Review Finding Bigfoot Has Made Me a Believer on Animal Planet

New “Finding Bigfoot Series” on Animal Planet
a Winner for New Reality TV Show

Now let me just say as this is my “first” review on this blog
I am a 45 year old dorky guy who is the publisher of a
group of online beach media websites, profiles
etc…(SoCal Beaches Magazine) ..and a bachelor who has decided
I love writing and reviewing “Reality TV”.

I am not the greatest critic but I am am honest and since I am a
beach bachelor stoner child who grew up in the 1970’s I am just saying
this is much as a place for a mid life crisis as it is for reviews so
please take them with a grain of salt and know that fun here is
a big priority so any hick type people I rip on – don’t take it personal –


Bigfoot Sasquatch featured on "Finding Bigfoot" on the Animal Planet TV Channel

Bigfoot Sasquatch featured on "Finding Bigfoot" on the Animal Planet TV Channel

Now as a kid who grew up in La Crescent MN I spent a ton
of time in the woods in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Montana
where my father worked for the forest service for 10+ years
and I had always heard the stories of Bigfoot but never gave
it much thought.

In the 1970’s they ran the “Bigfoot film” in movie theaters and
I did not know what to think of that as a kid but now as a 45
year old stoner I can tell you this show has really helped give
me much more credible information on how an animal this size
could remain unseen for the most part and “what type” of animal
it would be.

I totally get it now and can see that the characteristics of the
Squatch” match that of other primates and this thing is super
smart and nocturnal.

Now thanks to Animal Planet TV running all the “Finding Bigfoot”
shows yesterday  I think I have seen them all and I like the characters,
plot and movement of the show. It features segments talking and investigating
locals sightings and re-enacts them while also going into the woods.

One thing that is bothering me however are THE EYES LOOKING
AT RENAE in New York while she was out walking and how that
was just a quick pass and she never focused on that and talked
about it. – Holy shit I was scared to death watching it on TV when they
circled them and I saw the eyes right away in the brush when they
appeared and even before they were circled.

I never heard her bring it up after walking back to camp – Hey
Animal Planet get that clip on the website – I promise to sit
through the same commercial you run on the website
videos to see it:-)! – (dang man 30 second advertisements for
every video on the site – even Pandora has 15 second commercials
— Hey web dude fix that if you can!)

There is a ton of near misses and partial Bigfoot sightings with
heat seeking equipment which makes it a bit fun for finding “big foots”
and you can see how they evacuate as soon as people approach.

I also like a lot of the stories from outdoors man who when running
into this creature go from manly to fearful and are not afraid to
say so. The one show in Georgia where the Bigfoot tracks show the
Sasquatch was moving back and forth watching the guy was eerie.
(That also happened to be a place where they got a good track and
footprint casting.)

The characters in the show are all pretty cool and once I knew Bobo
was from Humboldt County aka “Pot Heaven USA”, I knew Bigfoot,
Bobo and this show were going to be a hit!

Finding Bigfoot Reality TV Characters

“Matt Moneymaker” – the main character and The founder
and president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers

This guy is super cool and I am sure he and Bobo take a few tokes
and hit the night trails making howls but he is also a super
professional field researcher who is fact driven and a major
“squatch lover”. –

Hey Matt – dude I felt your pain when you got yelled at trying
to “chase the squatch”. You see it and go after it and “get in trouble”,
even though I know Bobo was probably giggling thinking he could
just hang and not run in thick woods at night. Also Matt I am
just curious but can you smoke weed around the camera guys
from Animal Planet when they film you guys in the woods
or do you eat brownies???

I am sure “squatch” is smart enough to know what plants are
good for eating and which are not so maybe you could leave
the old guy some “POT BROWNIES” and skip doing any more
rabbit tricks or bringing out baboons ???-
(although I liked those episodes)

James “Bobo” Fay Bobo” has been searching for
Bigfoot since the early 1980s and has many interesting theories

Okay now Bobo I think I covered you dude but you are the
overgrown kid who has grown up in Bigfoot Land in Northern
California assembling “Sasquatch” stories like I do photos on
the coast – Dude you can come hang here at the “Celebrity
Beach House
” here in Mission Beach anytime. You would
fit right in here!

Ranae Holland Science-minded Ranae Holland
has had a lifelong interest in Bigfoot.

Ranae – Girl you are cool and I like the fact that you are so fact
driven but I guarantee you hang with these stoners in the woods
long enough and you will be a believer. I told Matt about using
pot brownies to lure big foot instead of baboons and rabbits
since I think I know the old guy a little better but either way
I am glad there is at least one good looking woman on there
since you are the ONLY reason a MALE SQUATCH would
show up and I am not sure if Bobo is good looking enough to
attract females.

Cliff Barackman Level-headed and analytical,
Cliff has a keen interest in physical evidence

Cliff Dude you are a good addition to the show and I like
the enthusiasm and also scientific side to go with Ranae.
Just one thing – Can you get the stoners Matt and Bobo
to hit the trail during the day too and trim down just a bit
like you – Dude we are all in our 40’s and those extra pounds
and not good to carry.

I like the show and what you guys are doing but Matt is working
so hard on the show he is not taking time to get out for an hour
hike here and there –

Anyway keep up the great work – I am a bit scared to think of what
may happen if you find and see a squatch but the education of showing
them as non violent and fairly non threatening is the best part for
people to know.

Unlike “Storage Wars” and other shows that start off hot and then
fade in interest I think this show has some long term potential
and hopefully will see a good run.

I give “Finding Bigfoot” a BIG thumbs up and invite others
to watch these scientific Squatch junkies hit the woods and see what
happens when you are tracking a 800 lb gorilla all over the USA
at night!

Watch some of the video on the Animal Planet website

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